Christmas in may

I woke up yesterday and I was so full of love. 5.15am and I bounced out of bed. I made a cup of tea, did a mini work-out, had an ice-cold shower (warm to start and ice-cold to finish off with, LOVE THAT!!!!!!) and then I went off to work. I listened to one of my brothers Christmas songs on the train. On repeat. And I felt like dancing, but that would be crazy, so I just kept wiggling my fingers “jazz hand style” as I was walking to work. I love those days. The jazz-hand-move days. I bounced around a little in the toilet at work, before I went out, acting normal. I know that it is not Christmas yet, but I can’t stop myself from listening to that song. Over and over again. Sometimes it feels a little incestuous to listen to your brother’s music, but he is so fantastic I just cant not listen. Ant it is cold in Melbourne, so it is not that wrong to listen to Christmas carols after all. I just think that the world should listen to this song. All though it is a joke-kind-of-song he made, I just want to smile at everyone I meat listening to it. I want jazz-hand-Christmas-morning walk every day of the year.

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