6kgs of carrots

Every Tuesday we get our delivery of organic food from Ceres fair food. (with every Tuesday I mean the last three weeks, but we really love it). We are always excited to get a new load.. I was in charge of the ordering on Sunday night and thought I did a perfect job. When Adrian picked me up from the train station last night he wasn’t going to say anything, did not want to kick up a stink, but he was a bit.. Disappointed. When he opened the box it was just six kg of carrots, and a pathetic amount of bananas. (I’m so sorry <3) I had forgotten the capsicums and something had happened to the spinach. Let’s face it; It was basically just a box of carrots. That he now wants to through out because “no one in their right mind eats six kg of carrots in one week”. I told him not to through them out, I’ll make carrot patties. He likes them so that is a win. I love carrots. Ouppppssss…..

I love cooking and experimenting with food, so I’ll start upload my favourite recipes soon. It will be my healthy versions of not-so-healthy things mostly. I’ll start with the carrot patties (my dads recipe). They are yummy.

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