Addiction free

 I am an endorphin junkie. Lets face it. I’m constantly chasing what will give me endorphins. Coffee, work-out, sleep, food, carrots.. (That used to include diet coke, booze, fake-sugar crap..etc). I tend to overdo everything that makes me happy, which leads to me being unhappy and tired. I have now only had one coffee a day for five days and I can really feel that my energy levels are more consistent.  I feel a lot better. I am working towards an addiction-free reality where I can have whatever I want but never need it. I want to bounce out of bed and just be excited of life. Now I love coffee so much I go to with butterflies in my stomach cause I’m so excited to have my coconut-proof coffee when I wake up. I know now that I feel so much better without my diet-coke addiction, and my booze, and my over-training and under eating. I know that I feel amazing now. But sometimes my head is full of ants from coffee, and sometimes I might have a relapse on mint-tablets after dinner (yes that is one of my addictions too. Mints and chewing gum.) I’m curious to know if my life will be better with no addiction at all. Next week I’ll commit to only matcha tea, and no mints (I feel like mints is harder than coffee…. I re-read this and I wonder if I have over-committed with the mint-free month too?)

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