On a Monday people love you if you assure them that you feel worse than they do. Most weekend-people love if you “brag” about how shit you feel.

Living for the weekend is what we have been brought up doing.

But one thing that has made my life so much better, so much happier, less anxious, more energetic, more interesting is stop drinking. I’m not talking about never have a glass of wine or a beer (because I also love that) but I don’t drunk-drink. Every Sunday and Monday I am amazed of how good I feel, how much energy I have. It is life changing in so many ways. I always want to feel good, and drinking a lot one to two times per week ruins everything that I’ve built up during the week. Not just my health, also my endorphins, happiness and all over wellbeing.  When I used to drink I had to start from scratch every Monday. Now I actually love not drinking. When I think about it, it’s like I’m constantly high from being neither hung nor drunk. Soo many benefits comes from it: I think more positively (all the time), I make choises that is align with what I want, I feel better, my relationship has improved alot, I fell less anxious and sad for no reason, there are no heavy small people sitting on my chest, I can spend my money on better food, I can eat more food, I don’t get stupid, I love more days of my week… etc. etc.

I found that when I took alcohol out of the equation, everything else became more fun. I did not have to have a beer with everything I did to chase more fun.

I did not actually enjoy what I was doing, I was enjoying the drinking, and what I did around it did not really matter. Now I enjoy what I’m actually doing without anything stealing the attention.

It is a little like one of my relatives once taught me “don’t ever try coke, because you’ll never enjoy just drinking after”. Drinking a lot, I feel is stealing the fun from just life. I did not appreciate a lot of stuff because I thought that alcohol would make “it” more fun. But It just made my overall life a lot less fun. I love love love waking up every Sunday-Monday (and the rest of the week) and just feeling relaxed and ready to go. Go go go.

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