All I need. Me.

So this Monday is sort of a Sunday, but a Monday. It’s a public holiday in Australia, and most people have got the day off work. I want to live every day with that feeling, the holiday feeling. Weather you know it or not, your brain is already happy, but it is up to you to find those tools to make us realize the happiness that exist in every day. Sometimes we look so much for happiness, that we can’t see it. We search that extreme happiness, constantly, which makes us feel like everyday happiness is not happiness.

Drugs, alcohol and caffeine is a perfect example of how we are looking for that extra hit of happiness, pleasure. When you stop looking and start feeling, you’ll find that you don’t need anything external to give you joy, happiness and a feeling of being content in life, you just need you. Here and now, cliché but actually true. When I started to realize (and I’m still trying to really understand) that I don’t want to depend on anything in order to be happy and relaxed, I feel like I need less in life. And the fewer things I need; the happier I get. I’m not always on a hunt for my next fix. I can just be. I’m here, with all I need. Me. And you.

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