Am I overthinking or just really aware of myself?

Sometimes I wonder how much/little other people think? I used to always make assumptions. “He/she is doing that because of this and want that reaction but if I do this it will not work out”. I have no idea why people do what they do. Assumptions are dangerous toys. It has caused me a lot of unnecessary harm and insecurity in my life. Just trying to figure out what other people think and why they do things is exhausting. And it gets you nowhere. If I want to know something I need to have the courage and ask, or delete the thoughts from my brain. I have no room for my own creation of conspiracy theories.

My brain sometimes has a vendetta against me as well. Telling me to do things to get certain reactions. Overanalyze what I’ve done and create unrealistic effects and results of something I’ve said or done. I’ve always been a thinker. I’ve gone over situations in my head over and over again, thinking how others experienced them, if “they” hate me now, if “they” think that I’m annoying. “They” usually doesn’t care I’ve come to realize. They care about themselves. Like I care about me.  So this is when I fight my brain once again. What is done is done, and there is no point making any assumptions about how other people see the world. If I want to know, I will ask. If not, I’ll live my life, do my best and if that is not enough for someone, or if someone thinks that I’m annoying they are more than welcome to. It’s just annoying for “them” in the end.

50 thoughts on “Am I overthinking or just really aware of myself?”

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