Ask for it, and trust it!

There is those people who can talk you into anything. Who can make people do what they want, give them what they want, simply because they are convincing, confident and know that they can get whatever they want. Sort of. They are not afraid to ask and when they ask, they don’t make apologies for asking.

I’ve never been one of those people. If I ask and someone say no I scream. On the inside. or out loud. I get upset, childish. I might swear and slam a door if there is one near by. Well, that’s at least how I used to react to any sort of challenge, but I’ve been working a lot on not taking things personal, take a step back and view any challenge with a clear mind and not just react strait away.

 I have never liked asking for stuff. I have never been confident enough to ask for favors. I have always had a hard time argue for myself and my way because I used to just get so frustrated. Instead of confidently stand my ground I scream and stamp my feet like a 5 year old.

What I’m challenging myself to do now is to learn how to be confident in my opinion and ask for what I want and need. For me to learn how to get my will, or at least my point, across I have to put myself in awkward and uncomfortable situations and start learning how to be confident and ask, breath and respond rather than react. Like yesterday, I went in to Nespresso and asked if I could borrow a coffee-machine for two weeks. I couldn’t. But I asked. I’m slowly starting to understand that I don’t have to ask for permission to do things, I know most answers myself, and I just have to have the confidence to.. be, think and do without asking for approval before. I’m just going to trust my gut, do what I do, ask for what I want and be confident in doing it.

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