Back to old habits. No.

Last week was quite tough. Not tough tough, but I just had no energy, and I felt like a Pumba. It was like my eyes just wanted to sleep, and my brain felt like it was fighting a seven-day hangover (I wasn’t). When I was goring to my Friday workout and missed the tram (I already don’t like trams because I don’t know how they work) I stood in the middle of the city and cried. I felt soo tired, sad and sorry for myself.

For my life I just tried to figure out why? I blamed it on hay fever, which is probably true. Hate it. I hate not having energy, not being bubbly. Not being me. I considered having a coffee one or two days, but I don’t want to start depending on coffee-caffeine whenever I’m tired either. Again.

Every day for the last week I tried everything to make me feel better; hay-fever pills, herbal tea, matcha tea, being upside down, working out, not working out, stretching, yoga, meditate, slap myself in the face, cold showers, thinking positive. And all of these things made it better in the moment, but then my brain and body still went back to feeling pluffsy. Yesterday I woke up and I felt fucking AMAZING. I had got my energy back. God knows how. I had got me back. I was scared, but happy. I woke up at 5am and I felt bubbly and excited. And I thought maybe I was dreaming. I wasn’t.

I feel like everything I did last week I did to get back to where my standards are. And sometimes you just don’t feel a hundred percent. When you don’t it’s easy to go back to old bad habits, like coffee or skipping work-outs or eating too much/too little. I thought yesterday, that I’m so glad that I did everything I did last week, and I’m happy I didn’t do the things I didn’t do. I didn’t let it get to me.

But I also told myself to not stress and try to rush things, because sometimes your body can’t keep up. As long as I’m in conversation with my body, and do all things that I know it really, actually, truly needs (no quick fixes) I know that it will pay off in the end. We just gotta be nice to our one and only body and brain. And they will be nice to us.

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