So now when we have left that old self-pity-me behind I have to constantly be on guard so that new healthy habits can keep thriving in my soil (sounds dirty). It is, for everyone I believe, an on going process of reminding yourself of who you want to be and why.

Sometimes you loose yourself in the process, and when you do, you find a way back home to happy-you.

I have made clear to myself that what I want from me is:

Love, happiness, energy, (like jump up on the roof type energy), a healthy body and a calm, happy mind. And I want to be fun and funny. Then of course there are other things I want, like my drivers license and three magic wishes, but in regards to love and self-respect that’s what I want. (although a drivers license would probably be good for my self-respect too.)

 With everything I do, everything I put in my mouth and every work out I do I ask myself “is this align with what I want and who I want to be”? I believe that you are happy when you give your body what it wants. Majority of the time all my body wants is what it actually want and need, but a couple of times per week I also listen when it want icecream or a burger, because that is the life that I want to live. I want to be able to do everything I want.

The struggle for me is to keep the balance and not over-do everything. I want to feel better and better and be happier and happier so I tend to do everything that makes me happy a bit too much and it sometimes works against me. Like training for example. Work out is an amazing tool if I want some endorphins. It makes me feel strong, happy and energetic, which is what I want in life. But then sometimes I want more and more and I push myself so hard that I can’t enjoy life if I don’t feel like I’ve almost killed myself at the gym every day. When that happens I stop and breath. I ask myself if this is the life I want to live and then I reset. It is a fine line between getting energy and getting rid of energy. But I’m having fun figuring it all out.

50 thoughts on “Balance”

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