Body love

In my Monday email that I send out to all my subscribers, as a Monday celebration, I spoke about the importance in looking at yourself in the mirror, and searching for all the good things with your body, rather than looking for the things you aren’t particularly happy with. This turned out to be quite a challenge for me this week. It’s my pluffs-week (the week before my red-woman-week) and some months it affects my body more than others. I find myself looking for a gap in between my legs, seeing what my legs would be like if they were just…. And what my tummy would look like if just… and my face, and… The more I look, the more I find, because I expect it to be there.

 But I’ve made a conscious decision to stop myself when my “if just” thoughts appear, clear them, and start to look for all the beautiful things on my body. Overall I’m actually happy with my body, it’s just when I over-look and over-think my brain twists my thoughts into thinking that I shouldn’t be happy. Brains are so silly. They are such troublemakers.  But awareness allows you to shut your brain up, and force it to look for everything you love about yourself. Even if you are not ready to love, pretend that you love everything with you, because there is no point wasting time on negative shit thoughts. Especially not negative self-destructive shit-thoughts. As we all know, nothing positive will come from negative thinking.

If I ever want to be one hundred percent happy with my body, it has to start with blocking the thoughts that potentially could tare my confidence and self-love apart. Block them and replace with nourishing, lovingly and encouraging thoughts that will enable me to build a stronger and more beautiful me. You can too. <3

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