Care for your body

It is hard to take care of something you don’t love, something you don’t rate high. When you are unhappy with your body, you might not love it. Therefore, maybe you won’t choose what is best for your body. At least this is how I work. I listened to my addicted brain even though I knew how bad it would effect my body, because I did not care for my body, because I did not love it. As soon as I started to see the difference, I had lost a little weight and I felt better, I started to make better and better choices for my body, and fight my brain, because I saw the potential. I saw how my body started to look better, feel better. My body could be my dream body, I could love it, if I just started to treat it right, give it what it deserves. Nutritious food, love and sweat, and that in moderation. Balance.

I’m committed these six weeks of happy body lifestyle, to ask me, myself and my body “what do you actually need to be happy and healthy?”

97 thoughts on “Care for your body”

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