You sit quiet for 15 minutes. Ah-ahm. Ah-ahm. Ah-ahm echoing somewhere in the background. Behind all the thoughts. Sometimes it disappears. Sometimes the thoughts disappear.

One thing that has cleared my mind recently is meditating. It seemed so fucking boring to me a while ago, and I’ve done a few attempts in the past on meditating regularly, but now, I tame minimum 15 minutes every day to just clear my head with the “one giant mind” meditation app. I have grown to love it. Actually. I want to take time to meditate now. I don’t know if I’m going crazy? But crazy is good I think. As long as I’m happy. I feel like meditating just gives me control. I can control me, after 15 minutes of calm. Or at least I can control me better than I could before. It is like someone is inside your brain and giving it an oil massage. Loosen tense muscles. Releasing pressure. Ah-ahm.

56 thoughts on “Meditation”

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