Choose your feelings

I talk about those small heavy people on my chest, that is my definition of anxiety. Although they rarely visit me anymore, sometimes they still do, I’m human after all. When I feel a little anxious for various reasons (it usually comes down to what time of the month it is and how much sleep I’ve got, simple as that) I just try to acknowledge the feeling and then get cozy with it. It might sound hard, and sometimes it might take me to get outside, run it off, or just have a little workout to get some endorphins flowing. Then I accept the feeling. Ok, I feel like this now, why? Often I don’t know exactly. I tell myself that this is just a feeling, nothing dangerous and that it is totally fine to feel like this. It is a feeling as much as happiness is, and I believe that you can choose to be happy. It is always a choice. Sometimes it is hard to choose it, but if you really breath and relax and just think, maybe go outside your own head you Know that the feelings you have will disappear and be replaced by new feelings. If you let them. I break the negative thinking pattern and start feeding my brain some happy thoughts. What is good right now? What is good with my life? I write all good things down, all the good people I have around me, everything that make me happy etc. And then I just think of that. When you are down, it is so easy to just keep spiraling down, and sometimes it is hard to break the fall. Often when I start turning, it feels like it won’t work, that I can’t change the direction of my thoughts, but I do it anyway. Fake it until you make it-style. And it works for me. Actually.

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