Clean out my hoarder

Friday I set up a goal not to do anything before I cleaned out our room from shit I never use, including clothes. Well, I did a workout and had an ice-cold shower before I started, so that I could really focus on throwing shit out after. I don’t understand how everything can fit inside when I threw so much shit out; it is still full. At least it is a lot easier to find stuff now. It is one of the best feelings, finally winning the fight against that stupid and hording person inside you that tells you to keep, save and storage things that your smarter half know that you will never ever use. If I want to have a clean and organized life, I have to live in a clean and organised space. Otherwise I think my subconscious will act as if I’m unorganized which will feed my hording spirit. I’ve always loved things, but usually I don’t love things for long. I buy gel-socks, lip-balms, note-pads and all the clutter imaginable, thinking that it might add value to my life. It rarely does. It never does. It just adds to my chaos.

 Not living in a place full of shit has been proven to increase energy… I’m open to everything energy-boosting. not that I feel lethargic in any way, I’m just always open to feel even better. And I feel that having a clean room will reduce stress, to say the least.

 I can now, finally breathe in my space. I can now open my closet without thinking “I should clean this mess up”, and I am one step closer to killing my inner-hoarder.

70 thoughts on “Clean out my hoarder”

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