Comfy zone

Usually I can actually enjoy being outside my comfy zone once I’m there (before 9pm). But I stress a lot going out of it. It is the thought and the planning around it that always make me not want to do things. When my family visited me here in Australia it tested my comfort zone a lot. When I don’t know the time, place and menu of where we are having dinner I stress. When I know that the dinner starts too late (for me) and I know that it will interfere with my 10.00pm bedtime, I stress. I know all of this, and I’m trying to be aware of it so that I can change it and enjoy life, but sometimes I fail. My brothers, one girlfriend and I walked around on Brunswick street (on the other side of the city from my and my comfort zone) and it was amazing. We went up to Naked in the sky, a perfect warm afternoon for it, and we were all very happy. Then I glanced at my brother’s watch and I saw that it was 5.48pm. I shut down. My brother noticed it and I had to tell them that I know that we might sit here for a while and then we are going to walk into the city and then decide a restaurant, they might not have room for us so we have to decide another restaurant, and it will be so late and then I have to take the train home and I won’t be in bed before 11.00pm, and I’ll get tired. (My biggest fear). I am, obviously, crazy. But if we would have had a reservation at 7pm somewhere, I would’ve relaxed. I can enjoy things when I know what is planned next. I just want a time and a place (also a travel plan), and then I can enjoy what is happening right now. It just became obvious to me that I need to start practice mindfulness. And just get in to my square brain that everything always work out. Always.

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