Conversations with people

God, people are interesting. And there are so many out there that we just don’t take the time to listen to. One thing that I value highly at work is the fact that I get access to so many different people. I’m both talking about the wonderful, supporting, encouraging, dreaming and motivating people I work with, The fact that I can spend time amongst people who live to just raise their standards, the worlds standard and push me to raise my own standard constantly is a privilege. But I also love to pick those peoples brains, who come into the store every day. So many times I talk about everything with them. I find that when I’m genuinely interested in the people I meet, I always learn something from them. When I’m open to it. One lady aged 70 told me about how she just had been to the gynecologist. I met a woman who’s spirit animal was a rabbit, and a 69 year old Singaporean lady who told me all about how unromantically she and her husband met, “because that’s the way it is over there”.

One person who comes in a lot is a brain trainer (or something along those lines), and speak about how your mind and body is connected and how much our mind is effected by the way we hold ourselves up.

 The other day I spoke for maybe 20 minutes with an ex-navy-diver. I kept asking everything about the ocean, he had seen one huge hammerhead shark that he had tattooed on his arm, next to the diver. And he had seen a colleague get his arm and leg bitten off by another shark. He loved the quiet world under the surface, but he had to quit after he got caught in the shock waves of a bomb that he had planted in a ship. He showed me the scar across his whole stomach and I couldn’t respond with anything other than “wow”. I don’t know if that was a “wow” sort of conversation because it almost killed him, physically and mentally since he could no longer do what he loved the most. Be in the quiet world below. This all happened two years ago, and he had just got the thumbs up to get into the water and dive again.

I told him that water scares me. That the part when big ships meet the surface and continue under the ocean gives me anxiety. The ship is huge, water is dark and it is then…under the dark water. He said to me that I’m just scared of the unknown. And you know what? I actually am. I’m scared of everything unknown, and I think that what I’ll learn from this is to start love what I don’t know, because if I don’t I will never know what I’m fully capable of, and I will never know what I don’t know, and that’s even more scary.

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