Dare to ask for it!

Yesterday was a quite interesting day. It was like everything I thought happened. I kept an open mind, a positive mind and I thought about all this cool shit I want to do, and around me it was like the whole world was opening up doors for me. One thing after another just opened up, excited me. All my role models, inspirational and motivational people I listen to and read say that what you think; you’ll receive, and the more I open up to this it actually seems like that’s how the world function. I love it. It is a happy spiral. It is motivating to believe. It is fun to live when you believe that you can do whatever you want, feel however you want. But still don’t expect anything for nothing. It is exciting. And yesterday I just felt like the universe wanted to show me to continue with what I’m doing, because I ask for it, I want it and I work for it.

What has changed mostly in my life in order for me to actually understand this is that I’ve found something that I’m actually passionate about. I don’t feel like I’m working; I feel like I’m doing what I want to do. Sometimes it is scary to think that what if I won’t be able to do this for a living. But then you have to shut that stupid voice down and think “what if I could, but didn’t because I was too scared of not being able to?” That’s even more stupid. It’s these things that will make us look back at our life and say “I wish I did that”. So it is just fair that we actually do it, so that we can look back and say “I’m so fucking happy that I did that” instead.

 We are all victims of circumstances in one-way or another. But we are the one choosing how to we want to view and act within these circumstances. It is easy to fall a victim, complain and expect change. And whilst it might seem harder to act, stop expecting the world to change, stop expecting everyone else to change; the moment you realize what you are capable of doing if you just get the right mindset is empowering enough to change the whole world.

doing if you just get the right mindset is empowering enough to change the whole world.

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