First day. Pretty…It was an un-buzzing day. I wasn’t jumping on any walls, if I put it in that way. Thanks to weaning off coffee the last week, and stop at one per day, I did not really have a headache, I just felt a little tense. But OH BOYY was I tired.  I cant wait for all of this energy to come back to me. The energy I was promised. I’m happy with this day though, because every time I felt low or too tired I picked myself up. Told myself to get cozy with the tiredness. Accept it and do the best of it. My mood has been up but my eyelids have been down. But that is better than the other way around.

Things I’ve done to be awake: Work out, walk, cold shower, soo much green tea I had to piss 6 times in 5 hours. smile.  I think that they all worked a little, but they didn’t slap me in the face in the wonderful way coffee do. <3

76 thoughts on “DAY ONE”

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