Did you give the world some love today?

There is nothing that makes me happier then when I make someone else happy. When I smile at someone on the street and they smile back, or when I help someone who doesn’t expect my help, and I can see that they genuinely appreciate what I do, I get all warm and fluffy inside. It is like I’m helping myself more than I’m helping them.

Sometimes I walk and forget that there are others around me. I’m in my bubble and the only thing on my mind is to get from A to B. On my way home from work, I only see home, no people. When I go to work, I smile and notice everything around me. It is important to give the world some love, Imagine if we all did it. You can kill almost every bad feeling with love, it is the strongest weapon. Of all.

53 thoughts on “Did you give the world some love today?”

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