Eating clean like a dog.

I’ve always considered myself eating healthy. With my past eating disorders I thought that healthy was exactly what I put in my mouth. I also excluded a lot of things I theoretically knew was healthy but I found them to calorie-dense for me to eat. I got full on salad leafs, carrots, tomatoes and fake-sugar shit. Today I’ve totally re-learned everything I once thought I knew and when I then tried to get full on as little calories as possible I’m now barely giving the calories a second look. Sometimes we have to go back to basic and ask: would I even feed my dog that? I would never give sugar to a dog, never alcohol, never caffeine. I wouldn’t give them lollies or chips, because they would get sick. So do we.

 Last week I made a conscious decision to only eat clean unpreserved food, I always eat quite clean, but I just felt like I needed that extra step of cleanliness in my life at the moment and I felt, my conscious felt, really good. Sometimes we forget that our body’s actually use the food we eat for something, is not just so that we can feel full. When you think about what your body need in that way it is easier to understand what is good and what perhaps isn’t that good. Why I love to eat what my body needs is because I feel happier, I feel more comfortable in my body, I feel happy with my decision making, I don’t stress, I can focus, I have more energy. I have more self love.

So this week I’m only going to continue to eat things that I would continuously feed my dog and children.

Happy Monday, Let’s respect our bodies and nurture them like we care about how they feel.

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