Encouraging people

It’s fantastic how much you grow and want to do good when people believe in you. The feeling of being backed by those who trust you to do the right thing is such an empowering feeling. Then you might have that one voice that doesn’t really believe in you, and that voice speaks over all the other encouraging voices. It can be hard to not listen, because I know that at least my brain is sensitive to doubt. Self doubt. But I now say Fuck you to self-doubt. That person, or that voice inside your head that doesn’t believe that you can do your thing well, can piss off. When you are believed in, all your strengths get even stronger, and your weaknesses becomes an inspiration to get stronger. When I feel supported I want to turn my weaknesses into strengths. When I don’t feel that encouragement, I sometimes loose track of my strive towards improvement and I go back into defence mode.

When you hear those doubting voices, choose to not let them bring you down. There will always be people who see negative in situations, always. But you can choose if you want to listen to the optimists or the pessimists. You can choose if you want negative people or positive ones to affect you. You can choose to laugh and do your best, or get angry and defensive.

I love to be happy. I love to feel in control. And I love to trust myself.

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