Falling in love with life again

Today I’m guest blogging at dryspace.co.za ! such a cool website, created by a young girl, trying to inspire people to life a happy, healthy and addiction-free life.

When I saw her website I thought I could contribute with my experience. Not many of you might know the extent of craziness that I allowed in my life. At the moment I’m not trying to stay away from alcohol. I’m not thinking about how much I want to drink and get drunk, I simply have lost interest in getting drunk. I have never said to myself that I will stop drinking because I have to, If I want a beer or a glass of wine, I’ll have it. But like the article said; Feeling good has become addictive, and I don’t want to do anything that will make me feel like shit the next day. I love living too much. But I’m all about not putting labels on things. If I want coffee I’ll have a coffee. If I want a drink I will have a drink. But for this time, I’m in love with decaf and bubble-water.

 Read my story here:


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