Feeling strong

When I feel strong and healthy, it is much easier for me to make good choices. Not just food related, also the way I interact with others. That is why I love working out in the morning, because it gives me piece of mind. The best beginning to the day. I can be who I want to be towards others much easier if I feel strong, calm and happy myself. It can be hard sometimes, waking up early and getting my ass out of bed, try to feel the motivation I had before I went to sleep. But in the back of my head I know that once I’m there, in the gym class, ready to get some endorphins pumping in my body and brain, I’ll be soo glad, happy and satisfied. Content. I always mix it up. Monday I did yoga, Tuesday crossfit (my first time) yesterday running, today I’m going to F45. I have to keep things interesting. I used to just do the same thing every day at the gym. Cross trainer and some weights. In my comfort zone. But then I started reach out of my comfort zone, trying new things. And I am so thankful that I did. I cant live without changing it up. Most days I need to do something. Even just a walk around the block, just to wake my body and mind up, to just love me and everyone around me, in the best possible way.

My first time at crossfit felt amazing. Beautiful Tania and Adam have opened this amazing gym in Kensington. I loved it. Crossfit VSC.

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