Finding your passion

How do you find your passion?

Sometimes a hobby, passion, interest isn’t a concrete thing.  I used to get so frustrated with people who really loved something, like painting, football taking photos or planting flowers. Whatever it is I just wondered what my “thing” was. If I even had a thing? People who could just do something over and over again. Day in. day out.  They made me feel like I’m the most un-interesting person. What have I’ve got to give, who isn’t interested in anything other than diets and trying to feel good? I’ve always been lost, never known what I like. I knew I liked writing, that’s why I studied journalism. But writing and journalism didn’t marry for me. I love writing, but not often what someone else tell me to write. I love writing about emotions, thoughts. I love to write about internal and psychological journeys, I love sharing my struggles, and how I deal with them. To help others who can relate.

I’ve always looked for answers to why we feel good/bad, and I’ve always been aware of my emotions. My life has been like the craziest roller-coaster. My every day used to be like an ecstasy trip. I love everything, and then suddenly ; im running completely empty on endorphins, and I’m just an empty,  gray shell. I always tried to look for answers. In herbal teas, holistic healers, tarot cards, different diets, psychologists. And when people feel bad around me, I want to help. I want to fix everyone. I am the home remedy queen who makes green cocktails for anyone who is sick, I put garlic in your ears and I make you ginger, turmeric and honey tea. I love talking about emotions and why we have them. I love to help my friends understand that feeling bad isn’t always bad. It will pass. It’s a feeling. Whatever a feeling really is? My passion isn’t specific, I don’t like “a thing”. But realizing that what you love in life, and what you want to dedicate your time to doesn’t have to be the one thing, really helped me release what genuinely make my time fly. I’m interested in you. You and me and everyone we know. And I am interested in creating peace of mind in more brains than my own. And I am interested in constantly finding new ways of doing so. So when I think about it, my passion has always been there, I just haven’t viewed it as a passion. I didn’t think that is would rank as a passion, an interest. Sometimes we just look into things too much we can’t see that we are already doing what we are here to do.

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