Getting to know your body

My goal is to feel amazing – and have my dream body (it doesn’t count if you feel grumpy and unhappy and starving with no energy, in my world). I want to be able to eat enough, never be hungry, and still be lean and bubbly. Sometimes (all the time) it is hard to find that balance, and it is hard to know exactly how much food I actually need, and how much is just cravings? Especially because my workout schedule isn’t consistent, so every week look different from that aspect. Since I started to give my body carbs in it’s natural form after workout and on big days I feel a lot more energetic. It all comes down to listen to your body I suppose. But sometimes the brain and cravings are screaming so loud you can’t hear the body. I hope to learn how to listen to my body in this Happy body lifestyle challenge. When I say hope I mean that I will learn. I will listen. I just want to jump on all the walls in the world.

57 thoughts on “Getting to know your body”

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