Happy body lifestyle <3 rocketandbeets

Today is the beginning of my happy body lifestyle challenge with Rocket and beets,

and B E A U T I F U L Marissa Frew. (http://www.rocketandbeets.com/)

I can’t think of a better day for it. It is Monday and it is Adrian’s and my 3-year anniversary (and 3-day engagement anniversary, hehe).

Happy Body Lifestyle is not about punishing yourself to loose a few kg. It is about doing what will make your body and mind happy. It is about honor your body and mind in order to feel love, happiness, and freedom. My aim with this challenge is to re-nourish my body, learn everything Marissa has got to teach me (she is amazingly cool and you just want to know what she knows) and I just want to take this time to try to understand my body. I think that will be easiest without any drugs or addictions. (Jeesus CHRIST I just remembered I had promised myself to go mint-free too)

My last coffee for the month was amazing. It was blended with butter and MCT-oil, from Thr1ve and I licked the cup when it was finished. I loved every second and every sip of it.

168 thoughts on “Happy body lifestyle <3 rocketandbeets”

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