He put a ring on it!

I have said it to him a million times before. I will say yes you know. But I never thought that he would do it now. I love that. Him.  Just the way we love to live. With a chicken in the oven, mid carrot-chopping he brings out the most freaken amazing ring (like I did not thing that it was real-beautiful), and now we are all engaged and stuff.  I never thought I would feel weird, because we both knew that we will be together forever anyway, but this made me feel so grown up (and I don’t feel too much like an adult). But then Ellika said that I can be whoever I want to be, and that is true!  I’m still silly. I’m not like Frodo. I’m SAM!

 Tonight, I got to choose the restaurant, and we are having A. LOT. OF. FOOD. <3

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