I am…

So I’m testing out this theory..  That I’m not what I keep telling myself that I am. I’m testing out not being who I always thought I was. Like, I’m not good at negotiating without feeling upset, or that I cant control my emotions during my period (we’ll find out how that goes next week), that I’m not confident and deceive. I understand now that I can be good at all of those things, but not until I stop telling myself that I’m not.

Every day I challenge myself to ask for things I don’t ever ask for, or say things that are on my mind (in a calm way, without expecting any specific response) that I wouldn’t usually say. I’m tired of my answers being “I don’t know, ask…” when I subconsciously know that I know, but I don’t trust myself enough to say it, I don’t trust myself that I know, even though I do know, you know? God, the last few weeks I’ve just opened up a whole new world of self-exploration, and I like what I’m finding. Every time you say I am… Think really carefully about what you say after those two words, because that most likely will and is effect(ing) everything you do in life, and how well you do it. So make sure you choose some really cool words after “I am” from now on.

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