I am

I am.

Two very powerful words when you put them together. I have been brought up to believe that I’m nothing. Not in the sense of that I’m a nobody, not worth anything. I was brought up to believe that I deserved all the best, but my mum did not believe in saying “you are cute, you are talented or you are so good at drawing etc.”, because she believed that in stating that I am something, would put pressure on me. It would make me think that I have to be that something otherwise I’m not worth anything. So instead she encouraged us, me and my brothers, in other ways, always noticing us and what we achieved, but she never told us that we were something. “You cannot be anything; you can do things” she used to say.

On Thursday after finishing my Happy Body Lifestyle training with Marissa at the Hyatt’s beautiful gym, she encouraged us to finish the workout with the affirmation “I am…” I thought of all things I am and want to be: happy, inspiring, inspired, energetic, creative, powerful… And in that moment I chose to be all of those things. It felt so empowering. I felt so strong.

It struck me how important it is to be whatever you want to be. B E. such an important thing. I come from a family where love is everything and my mum is one of the craziest, most loving, caring (annoyingly caring more than often) but here I have to disagree with her. I am all the things I want to be. And I think that it is important to be. Not just to do. I am beautiful, I am happy, I am inspiring, I am inspired. I am strong. I am funny. I am creative. I am orange. I am kind. I am caring. For me to be happy, I have to be.

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