I love Australian people

It is 6.30 am, I’m out on my way to the train station. I’m not bouncing off the walls. Yet. I meet a few people on my walk towards the train, and everyone looks at me and says good morning, with a smile. It genuinely makes me happy. It took a while to get used to, coming from Sweden, a country where most eyes are following the path of which they are walking on. Down. As soon as I understood that this is how it is done here, I got down with it pretty quickly. I love it. When I’m on a run, I meet everyone’s eyes that I’m meet, and I give him or her a big smile. I love “good-morning” people. I go in hard. This morning I waved to the train that came towards me and he tooted his hello (wouldn’t happen in Sweden). It got me all bubbly inside. I love Australian people. Here everyone is a person, not an obstacle to get past.

54 thoughts on “I love Australian people”

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