I love not drinking

I woke up this morning. At 6am. It is Sunday and I needed to pee. I was still so tired. But so happy. Not drinking has just changed my life to the better in a million different ways. Just the fact that on a Sunday morning I don’t feel like eating up the whole fridge whilst being slightly nauseous and sipping on aspirin like it was champagne.. The feeling of not having to check in and see how much damage I did to myself last night. Just the feeling of being content. It is the best decision I have ever made in my life. And I can still have a beer or two when I feel like it, or a glass of red. I will never put a label on anything, because I want to be as free as possible, and If I put a label on something it means that I can want something I have to betray myself to have, and I just want a relationship with myself where I can do whatever I really want to do. But not getting drunk is seriously just amazing. I really don’t need it, and I know that I don’t become a better person drinking; I don’t get more fun, I just get obsessed and sloppy (which I’m sloppy enough anyways). But I wasn’t ready to go up at 6am. I went back to bed and slept for another hour, went for a sprint session and then out for the best breakfast. With decafso maybe the second best. I love coffee. Coffee, I miss you.

 The turtle cafe’ in Elwood. A M A Z I N G breaky.

143 thoughts on “I love not drinking”

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