Jaquelyn Mcguire

I am not a big fan of good-byes. I crawl into a shell and show no emotions. When people cry in these situations I don’t know how to react, respond or behave. I feel like I want to cry to, that I’m a bad friend if I don’t. I feel like if I don’t cry people might think that I don’t love. But I do. This is just how I work. So I’ll do it this way instead. The only way I know.

 Jax is a woman, (god that sounds adult), with all the good qualities you want in a friend. So she came into work six months ago and she just made me understand everything our company was about. But more than that; she became my friend. Now she is heading off to climb Mount Everest Base camp, surfing in Sri Lanka and then moving to London. She taught me how to bike in Melbourne CBD, how to not take anything that is not life or death serious but still do everything that you do good. And she loves Apples, almost as much as I love carrots. But not really that much. Lets be honest. Jaxxx, I wish you alllllll the luck in the world, I’m so happy I’ve met you and I’m so excited to see you again in Summer-Stockholm in July. I will miss you so much. I love you <3

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