Lingonberry week

 After a few weeks of just feeling amazing, this uncomfortable feeling settles in in my body. It is not unhappiness, it is not anger, it is not sadness. It is some kind of restlessness. This restlessness starts a chain reaction of negative outlets for me. I’m sloppy, indecisive, the opposite of organized, and that creates stress in my body. After a day of just not knowing what was wrong with me I figured; It is the week before the lingonberry week. That bloody week. It is so strange how hormones can mess with you, without you knowing. And every fucking month it is a surprise. Even though I track it. Even if I should know.  Yesterday I woke up with a stomach ache. My brain wanted to work out, but my body wanted to rest. Usually it is the other way around. I thought “what can I do to nurse my body and mind?” I haven’t been in the mood for yoga the last few months. It is to slow, I “need” explosive shit, but I think that I need-need yoga.. I used to do “yoga with Adriene”, this www-yogi. You can search for anything, any current state of mind and she has created a yoga class for that state. Yoga for period cramps, yoga for anger, yoga for depression, yoga for whatever you want and need. It can help you choose, when choice is a bit harder. It is not always easy to choose happiness, sometimes we just have to work a little harder. I’mpossible. <3

 I’m cooking a bone-broth. First attempt. I think this might be the answer to many problems this “winter”.

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