Living, loveing and exploring

It is fascinating how little of Europe I’ve seen. How little I’ve been interested in seeing. I haven’t seen how beautiful Norway is, or the mountains in Germany. Iceland. I have wanted to go to Germany for the beer only. When I was in London I did the sightseen through photos a phone, and then I went to what really mattered to me; the bars. I did not care about the culture or the people, I just wanted a reason to partHEY. Now, without alcohol in my life, clouding my brain, there is so much shit I just want to Explore. I love wanting to visit Norway to see the wales. I love that I want to go to Germany for the Alps. I want to show Adrian how cozy the Greek Islands can be, how amazing their tzatziki is, and how cute all the old people are there . This is so new and rejuvenating for me and I get all bubbly inside just thinking about it.  Most people can actually manage to do both and love that. Enjoy the country and have a few cheekys at night, but for me, this is just wonderful. Give me the world!

51 thoughts on “Living, loveing and exploring”

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