I don’t know if it is the lack of caffeine in my body or the changing of seasons.. but I am acting weird, and I don’t love it. I don’t hate it either but like.. I walked in to wall yesterday (no bruises), and this morning I woke up, ready to go to work, I felt a bit blobby. I put some loose clothes on, rolled out a little on my foam roller and then I walked to work. Halfway there I just felt lost. I checked on my schedule and I did not even work today. (That is funny since I get an email 24h before I start work and then another 1h before, and I just went anyway?) So I went back home and went for a walk with Adrian’s dad.

First day of autumn today. I always get anxious when the season change. I dont know why, but I’m going to do my reserch today. I swear, in one night the leaves started to go red and fall off the trees. It doesn’t worry me really. I love summer, but I also love to appreciate the warmth, and  the sun. Nothing that make you appreciate good weather as much as a little cold and cozy winter (I’ll eat this up in a few months I bet). I’m excited to be able to wear my leg warmers again, the best investment I’ve ever made clothing-wise since I moved here (maybe in my whole life).

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