Matcha Mylkbar

I’ve told you how obsessed I’ve become with my matcha tea since quitting coffee. Well, the beautiful owners of matcha maiden organic green tea powder, Sarah Holloway and Nic Davidson, have now opened Matcha Mylkbar. A 100% vegan place in St:Kilda. I’ve bragged about all the amazing breakfast places Melbourne has to offer and I’ve often wondered how hard it would be to actually open a successful café’ with so many good competitors? Then this magic opened. A vegan place where you can still order bacon and eggs. I have never talked more about eggs than I’ve talked about this egg-free egg this past week. MIND BLOW. It’ !!  And on top of this, I can order a mushroom latte (which taste amazing. Nutty and just enough sweet not to be bitter). But it is not just the food, it’s the whole atmosphere, the whole concept. Everything from the owners to the view is just fantastic. They have taken an active stand for animal rights, and say fuck you to unethically treated mass-produced meats.!! so much love!!! All that Melbourne was missing, was this.

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