Monday email

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How to choose when it is hard.

I just want to feel bubbly, happy. Annoyingly happy. All the time. I just want to laugh so hard that I can’t stop. I love that feeling. When you laugh and laugh and there is no end. I did Laughing-yoga once. I don’t know if I would recommend it, it was so…strange. The chain saw laugh, the lion laugh. Le lawnmower. But I laughed a lot. My head felt heavy after. Like when you have had to blow up 236 balloons. Your head is full of ants.

How do you choose happiness when your feelings of anger and sadness are controlling your body? When the feelings are physical? When they are so real you would think that it is impossible to have a choice?

You have two choices (according to me); Surrender to your current mood, make peace with the fact that today you are feeling angry or sad, and try to enjoy it, then it becomes less frustrating than if you don’t accept how you feel but still aren’t doing anything to change it. Don’t let it ruin other people’s day though. And always be open to happy feelings coming your way.

Second, you can fake it until you make it. In that moment it might be hard to even fake it, but try. Laugh out loud (you will probably laugh at yourself for doing it), smile and say hello to every person you meet. Set up a goal that you will look 10 people in their eyes, smile with love and say hi. You might ask them how they are, and get into conversation with people. I usually ask people what they do if they feel sad or angry and want to be happy. One guy told me that keeping a good posture really helps. Standing like you are happy, energetic and open tricks your brain to think that that is how you feel.

Who are you today?

I am happy, loving, energetic, open, full of life, curious, silly and productive.

Happy Monday <3

Whoever you want me to be, aka, Whoever I want to be.

 Monday morning in Brighton

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