Monday love

  I woke up this morning feeling a bit all over the shop. I tried meditating but I did not have enough time so I kept “meditating” waling arround doing stuff. which is probably the opposite of meditating. Since my new “one coffee a day”- routine, I probably just missed that relaxing start of the day. I went to kettlefit, my favourite gym in Port Melbourne. That always gets me in a good mood, those workouts. They kill you. (good killing though) I rarely go there because it is outside of my comfort zone. I can’t figure out the public transport to there. It’s freaking me out. But I love it. The gym that is. I love the blisters I get on my hands, the bruises on my wrists (from the kettlebells, glad we cleared that out). My body is in pain, lovely pain, and I feel verry happy. Perfect start of the one coffee a day week. Happy Monday.

57 thoughts on “Monday love”

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