Morning rave

Wednesday morning my alarm rang at 5am. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and put on my sparkle-space-dinosaur outfit and head off to the train. That’s just my job, going to a sober morning rave in Melbourne CBD. Pretty cool. I signed up for a massage there that actually turned out to be a healing session, which I have never done before. It made me feel…good. She said that she could feel some kind of resentment, that I’m resisting something and I said that I don’t like dancing so it is probably that. There was people dancing, dinosaurs. Rollerblading dinosaurs. I went to a fortuneteller. A dinosaur fortuneteller. She told me she could see a trip coming up. Sweden. And something orange. I pulled up a bag of carrots from my bag. We shared a good moment with those carrots. Me and the fortune teller. I left and saw a girl who was really down with the whole space dinosaur theme. She loves sparkles and glitter. She loved my disco top, one that my mum sent me two years ago and that I’ve never wore before. I gave it to her and that made her very happy. Then I got very happy for making a strange woman happy. I was never going to wear that top. Sorry mum. But I think she will wear it all the time. (I won’t wear those two balloon pants you sent me either, sorry). <3

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