Morning rituals and cold showers!

Fuck, I love them. When I exit the shower after an ice-shower it is like I washed off all my stress, tiredness, lack of motivation. I walk out feeling like the freshest most alert version of myself. Like that slap in the face that you need to… focus.

Morning routines are so important (for me anyway) to set the standard for the rest of my day. If my morning is un-organized, sloppy and aimless, so will the rest of my day be. That’s why I love starting my day with a workout, cold shower and then a good breakfast. My day just follow that same pattern and at the end of it (like 9pm..oups) I can just slide down under my bed-sheet smiling and loving what I do and did.

 Some mornings I wake up and I might feel a bit tired, unmotivated.. I mightn’t have a plan, those mornings I have to actively speak louder than those thoughts that constantly repeating “I’m tired”, “I don’t want to”, “who am I”, “I can’t”, and just shut them up and think of all the good things. Stretch out, maybe slap myself in the face. I want to be aware of those thoughts starting my day, because if I let them free, give them full access to the stage sort of speak, the day will most likely be shit. I will feel tired and that I don’t want to. What I think in the morning, and what I do id so important for how the rest of my day turn out. That’s when I choose happiness and all that goes with it. In the morning.So however I may feel today I smile, tell Adrian how much I love him, I stretch out, go for a run, have a cold shower and give love and happiness to everyone I meet.

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