Mumi-pie <3

In my family we have never put much thoughts into mothers day, fathers day or valentines day. As a kid I was always jealous of other kids that always had something planned those days. Or those who got little gifts. My parents are hippies. They didn’t celebrate Christmas until they had kids, they aren’t in to material things and gifts. My mum got married in my grandmothers (dad’s mums) curtain.

 I always wonder how I can be so… in to things. I have always loved everything you can touch. I wanted everything as a kid, and my parent’s couldn’t take me shopping without me starting to scream because I wanted something. I always love to celebrate, I love surprises. I know that mothers day is a made up holiday, but I think that it is good that we sometimes a remind ourselves to celebrate the people around us. I love my parents for being the hippies they are. It has probably made me a little less “normal” than I could’ve been, and I don’t want to be “normal”.

My mum is obsessed with concrete, wheels and hooks. She worries about everyone to the point that you often want to scream at her. In her face. She used to sing native American lullabies so that I could go to sleep, and she care so much about the environment she used to walk slowly over the pedestrian crossing and give people in big SUV’s the finger. (we told her that they had no ide why she was “fuck u-ing” them and this behaviour had to stop before she got a nickname around Stockholm as some crazy fuck-you lady). But I love my mum for that. I love her for her tire-slitting thoughts and her passion for a better world with more equality. And for her concrete art. If you are ever interested in a concrete table, pot or stone face she is your woman (have a look).

It might not even be mothers day in Sweden (or is it?), but that doesn’t matter because I know that you know that I know that we don’t care about these holidays. But I know that you know that I like them anyway.

Puss puss min fina mamma <3

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