Mummy respond

Maya <3

Yes, through evaluate a child you put a stamp on him/her. I think that the child is so much more. Interminable. I have watches and encourage and confirmed. The most important thing has always been for you to be happy in whatever you want to do. It is big, and you cant but boundaries on it. Just be in it. Through doing good things and spread happiness you feel good in your heart and it makes you happy. To be something feels more closed off, in a way. Life is so much more than that me, a small human, should tell you what you are. You have got free hands to explore that yourself, lovely Maya. You see for your self, I love you. Mami

I understand where my mum is coming from, and it sounds so right, that is what life is all about, and I agree with letting kids be whoever, whatever makes them happy. But I have always needed something to identify with. I have tried to find out who I am, and why I’m here. I’ve tried wearing just stripy clothes, wearing two different socks, walk around on my hands, being a witch. Just trying to find what is me. (in my phase where I only wore stripy clothes I only owned one, so that didn’t last for long). I have always needed identification. And not being anything might have confused me. What if you can be, and then change. What if you still are, but every morning you can choose, every second you can choose. Then you can be, but be free as well?

My beautiful, amazing, loving, (annoyingly caring) mum.

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