My amazing job

I work for a pretty cool company. Last night we had a regional store meeting. Every time Lululemon put on any kind of “show” it just strike me how amazing this company is. I’ve never seen myself in the retail business, but since I’ve started to work in this store, I feel more fulfilled than I’ve ever done at any job before. Although my goals are to move away from the store-job and work with employee experience, the business is still always the same. With the same values. Same culture. Same mission. And all which inspire me every day.  In the end it is just about making the world, the community, a better healthier and happier place. And that is what I’m passionate about.

 What I love about this company is that everything is up to each individual to choose where they want to go. No-one is telling anyone what to do, instead everyone just inspire each other to go for whatever their dream- dream- absolute-dream job/future is. As soon as you put your goal out there, your life’s dream, you have more than just your own team supporting you. You have a business behind you (if you aren’t dreaming of something mean and cruel. Then you might have to leave. Or seek help. I don’t know?)

I love that everyone is sharing their journeys, and sharing their knowledge, mistakes and solutions with each other, in order to allow people around them to grow with them. It is not a competition. I have learnt so much in this past year; about myself and how I work around and with people, about what is really important in life (to live a life you are proud of, love and where you are passionate), and that life should be fun. Work should be fun. I’ve learnt how important honesty is, how to develop people, and how to create my own future. That has been the biggest lesson. That I’m in charge of my own future. It is up to me to do whatever I need/want to do. Up to me. And I’m so so so grateful and happy to be working for a company that can teach me this.

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