My baby’s body

Yesterday I felt a little..puffy. I was eating clean and didn’t really do anything that should make me feel that way, but it is a feeling and I have to acknowledge it anyway. When I feel like this I just want to workout, to make me feel better. But When I got home from work I was exhausted. I started to do a few squats in the bathroom. I saw myself in the mirror squatting with weights and a timer and I had to ask myself if this if a healthy, or unhealthy behavior?.. Doing squats. In the bathroom. After a long day at work when I feel exhausted. This is the perfect example of when the voice of the brain screams louder than the voice of the body. These are the moments when I need to point my ears and focus on what my body, my buddy, actually needs and not satisfy my brain. I guarantee that what my body was asking for wasn’t squats and some sort of panicky cardio session before I hit the shower.

 Some days we just have to accept that a workout is not the solution to the “problem”, and that is fine.  The main question we have to ask ourselves is if we are happy? Because a “perfect” body doesn’t mean anything If the person inside it isn’t happy. And going on ridiculous diets, over training, under eating, is not making anyone happy. Stop and listen, how is your body feeling? Treat it as it was your best friends body, or your child’s. How hard would you push your child’s body? What do you consider healthy for your bestie? Sometimes we are not aware of how hard we push ourselves, and I know that I definitely don’t give myself any way near enough credit for all the good choices that I make. Today is all about sweet talk. I’m going to pretend that my body is my baby’s body and treat it the same way as I would treat my child.

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