My brothers.

I have a deal with my oldest brother Max. I don’t know if he remembers, but haven’t forgot.  I have depended on it. On him. When he gets 1 million dollar he will pay my study lone. He is a genius. A musical genius. He can create the most amazing music, and play any instrument he wants. He teaches himself. Any instrument. Like I said, he is a musical genius. I never once doubted that he wouldn’t be anything other than successful. Same with my other brother, Saci. They both create. Movies. Films. Music. Paints. They know what they want to do, and they find a way of doing it.

I have always felt safe, because I knew that they’d look after me. I never even  thought that I could be something. Because I didn’t have what they had. A passion. A vision. I didn’t believe that I could be something because I didn’t know what I loved. I now live for a purpose, I believe that I can create something that will help people, make them happy, excite them. My whole life I have depended on others to fix my life for me. To support me. I now know that I can support myself, and that is kind of an empowering feeling. I actually know now, that I can do it myself.

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