My diet

I love talking about diets (not as in loose-weight diets. I love talking about what people eat and why). I love looking in other people’s fridges. Best part of MTV Cribbs.

I never weigh myself. I don’t care how much I weigh anyway, if I am happy with how I look and feel. I used to be afraid of potatoes. Carbs. Potatoes…. We are now flirting with each other in a more healthy way. Carbs that is. I’m still a little suspicious when It comes to potatoes. Potatoes is like the fun uncle who only show up when it suits him, you can’t really depend on him, but he is always fun when you see him.

I know now that carbs is my friend, and I treat them that way. They are is energy. I used to work, workout and live on no carbs (except carrots, obviously). I was always tired. Always hungry. That’s when I reached for everything uplifting, with no calories, like coffee, vitamins, powders. Superfood. All I really needed was/is a little thing called balance. I need carbs when I move and I make sure that I get at least 20g of carbs every day, if I work. More if I work out as well. I have a banana, berries, a piece of bread, yoghurt. I try to keep my carb intake as natural and un-processed as possible. But I have a week spot for whole-meal bread and Greek-yoghurt.

 Usually my day starts with a tea (used to be coffee). I blend matcha maiden powder with one tablespoon of virgin coconut oil, cinnamon, turmeric and cayenne pepper. I put it in the mixer so that it becomes smooth and wonderful. I might do a workout or something and then I have eggs on lean turkey breast with avocado (bread if I worked out), or a almond-milk-chia-pudding (with banana if I worked out), or yoghurt with vanilla protein powder topped with nuts. For lunch I always have veggies and protein (tuna or chicken usually) and for dinner I have the same. In between I either eat nuts, vegetables or hummus/berries if I need more energy. I have started to listen to my body. You can actually feel what you need, but I never used to listen.

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