My shit-writing

 I went to the movies with Adrians mum the other day. We saw Florence Foster Jenkins. The woman was probably the worst public singer ever, but she loved it, and in her head, she was perfect. I know I can’t compare myself to her, and I should never compare myself to anyone, but in some way I felt like we were/are a lot similar.

For so long I have thought that  I didn’t have something that interested me, something that excited me. I thought I had nothing. I kept writing about my emotions, my depression, my self-doubt and lack of confidence, and I loved writing about it, I needed to write about it. But I never thought that I liked it. I never saw my writing as a passion. I never saw myself as creative. I never valued my writing. Even if time flied when I put my thoughts into words, I never valued it. I didn’t believe that I actually had what it took to be able to live of my writing. Although I’m not there yet,  I know that I will in the future. I just have to keep innovating and keep writing. As long as I love doing it, that is.

 What’s similar with me and Florence Foster Jenkins is that her tone-deaf-ness and my lack of English grammar is some what the same. Some might say that you can’t write without perfect grammar, and that you can’t sing if you can’t hit the notes. But Florence showed everyone wrong, because she was a sell out singer, people enjoyed her singing, because they loved how she put herself out there. A lot of them might have laughed at her, but no one wanted her to stop. And hopefully people can laugh at me and my silly grammar, but still enjoy what I’m writing about, and  what I’m sharing with the world.

54 thoughts on “My shit-writing”

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