I have been out if my yoga zone for a while. I know that yoga is exactly what my body need a couple a times per week, but I always tend to find a high intensity workout to do instead. Because my brain say so. I have slowly found my way back into the yoga-studio, and every time I leave I feel so light. At heart and in my body. It is like when you finally get some water after a movie visit where you have smashed so much popcorn your lips feel all bubbly. Of course your drink doesn’t outlive your popcorn, and by the end of the film you don’t even care how it ends, you just want water. That is yoga for me. The water after my popcorn. And yet I don’t go on a regular basis. Because my brain tell me that I NEED to lift weights and jump up and down. Every day.

A couple of days ago when I did a lunch time yoga class at Move yoga in the city the yoga instructor Michelle talked about the lotus flower. How it grows through mud in order to see the sun. She told us that the mud is necessary for the lotus to grow, and it keeps pushing through, until it reaches it’s goal; the sun. Through the mud it gets stronger and healthier than ever. And it’s the same with us, people. Yoga always remind me of how to turn negative into positive, how to appreciate here and now, and how to use what I’ve got in order to get what I want. I need this in my life.

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