Old me and New me

This is all about love. It’s about loving you, life and every single day in it. My mission is to go to bed on a Sunday, and feeling excited to wake up on Monday morning. Feeling excited of the life I live. I’m done living a life where I live for the weekend, and every other day is just a drag.

Too many days have gone to waste in my life from just wanting anything but today. Wanting Friday, wanting tomorrow. Sundays have been anxiously slept through, Mondays have been so full of anxiety that I forgot how to breathe. suffocating. with small heavy anxious people sitting on my chest.

The old me was full of anxiety, self-doubt and lack of self-respect. Violently. The old me starved, drank her sorrows away, ate and threw up. The old me hated me.

 The new me (didn’t happen over a night) walk with bouncy steps, and want to do         everything that makes new me feel good. Because new me care about me. New me is not afraid of what you think of me. Because new me love me.


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