Owning my food

 I like to eat healthy most of the time, but I love to “try” everything all the time. I act as if everything that is not on my plate I can eat without actually eating it. I’m always forking away on Adrian’s plate, or anywhere except my own plate. Eating strait from the pot/pan is another favorite, since I’m just testing; I’m not actually eating. Desserts are the probably the worst. I always take one bite, push the plate away from me towards Adrian, and then I semi continue eating but from a distance, like if that would make me not actually eating it. (I’m also an expert in eating six halves of stuff. If I don’t have a whole one, I haven’t had one…)

I don’t know if this is bad or weird or whatever it is? But I think that it is healthier to actually see what is on the plate, and more so allow yourself what you want from time to time. Often I don’t want desserts or sweets, because I know my body don’t want and need them. But if I do, I will own and let myself have it, without trying to beat the system. It comes down to love and self respect in the end I think. And the fact is that I probably end up eating more just picking, not really enjoying, than if I would have just fucking got a plate.

49 thoughts on “Owning my food”

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